Our Speakers

Rahile Adil
Travel Blogger
A luxury travel & lifestyle blogger with a desire to explore new place
Dr. Seint San Phyu
Sole Superior
premier sneaker and streetwear convention
A Singapore’s Annual Sneaker and Streetwear Convention since 2013.
Shintaro Oue
a freelance dancer and choreographer, mainly in Holland, Japan, Israel and Sweden
Narongwit Saentong
A management consulting, HR career coach and trainer self-development
an ongoing project in Yangon’s alleys led by Delphine de Lorme, marks a collaboration with the local artist community in transforming the streets of Yangon into creative hubs for artwork.
Boris Le Montagner
A freelancer who works as a photographer, an exhibition designer, a curator, and an event manager.
Fuanglada Jeeaoon
A Thai designer passionates about art­, textile and fashion since her adolescence.
Betty Tai
Resource Development Manager
Betty has been devoted to working in the humanitarian field through project management, specializing in South Asian countries.
Nicolette Fernandez
A personal branding coach who takes on a personal approach for her clients by tailoring each session based on each client’s needs and goals.
Nicholas Lim
A co-founder and COO of TreeDots Enterprise, a startup that provides a platform for businesses to clear their unsold inventory by linking them up with companies that might have a need for them.
Little Dragons
charity organization
A charity organization based in North Dagon that works with disadvantaged young people to encourage them to participate in sporting activities.
Preston Wong
The CEO and cofounder of Treatsure, Singapore's first mobile reservation platform for surplus food.
Arthit Chaichana
DJ and Music Producer 
Tell Your Children Studio
Creative Studio
A creative studio producing visual content through Illustration & Design that led by Deon, Russell, Kevin & Lydia.
Ana Cecilia Cervigni
creative director and perfume designer
A creative director and perfume designer at KUKA-philosophy
Dolly Chua
Dating Coach and chief matchmaker
A resident dating coach and chief matchmaker who forte lies in helping others uncover their full potential and regain self-confidence.
Phanuphon Bulsuwan
A self-taught and well-known Chef from Chiang Mai.
Yeo EK
Toni Eurasto
Jeremiah Kee
A CEO of INTERCO-MLE PTE LTD and an accredited Whisky Ambassador. 
Zerlina Zhuang
One of two Directors at Spirits Castle Pte Ltd, a family-owned spirits importer based in Singapore.
OKJ Works
A documentary Storyteller
An award-winner at the National Youth Film Awards, nominated ASEAN Filmmaker of the Year at the International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival.
Michele Ferrario
A co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, 13 years experience in the financial industry and in consumer internet.
Costas Spathis
An architect that became one of the Most Influential Drone Pilots in 2018.
Julie Garnier
An owner of Lilla, the unique handmade clothing brand in Myanmar. 
Lindsey Hurtle
Programmes and Research Associate
A programmes and Research Associate who focuses on the delivery of the existing community security project and assist in overall programme management, research, and publications for Saferworld in Myanmar.
Carolin Hirsch
a researcher
A researcher working on her PhD project "Activist becomings in contemporary Myanmar".
Ada Chai
Program Coordinator
A program Coordinator at One to Watch Myanmar
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