Shawn Kishore

Shawn had his first taste of the F&B industry at just eight years old, as a “kopi kia” (coffee boy or restaurant server) at a local kopitiam. He personally witnessed, at a tender age, how food has the power to connect families and rekindle memories. This inspired Shawn to offer F&B concepts that provide customers with unique experiences. A true-blue Singaporean of mixed Chinese and Indian heritage, Shawn is fluent in English, Mandarin and Hokkien, and is equally multi-faceted when it comes to his enjoyment of food. His trips across Asia, specifically Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand further solidified his love of street-food-style dishes. 

In part due to his humble upbringing, Shawn firmly believes in the importance of hard work and self-awareness. With his can-do attitude, this kick-ass boss leads his talented team with empathy and always empowers them to make decisions. He embraces each day positively and rolls with the punches, reminding himself that each challenge “is but a flesh wound”. 

Charismatic and down-to-earth, Shawn loves travelling and food-hunting in his free time. Constantly checking items off from his bucket list, this foodie is willing to try anything new at least once – be it chicken sashimi, shirako (milt) or pig brains for breakfast! Presently Shawn owns and operates The Salted Plum, a Taiwan-inspired restaurant as well as Pasta Supremo at Suntec City, while new ideas constantly brew in his head. 

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